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Chevrolet Orlando

2011 — Present

The Orlando is a car which has been in production by Chevrolet starting in the year 2011. The Chevrolet Orlando is configurable with these engine configurations: The more entry-level Orlando, the 2.0D LT, is available with a 2 130 bhp engine. The top-model, the 2.0D LTZ+, has a turbocharged 4-cylinder 2 engine delivering up to 163 bhp. It is presently available as a 5-door MPV.

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Chevrolet Orlando 2011 — Present

Chevrolet Orlando 2011 - Present
1.4T LT 2013/2014PetrolManual 51.400 cc
1.4T LTZ+ 2013/2014PetrolManual 51.400 cc
1.4T LTZ 2013/2014PetrolManual 51.400 cc
1.8 LTZ 2011/2014PetrolManual 51.800 cc
1.8 LT 2011/2014PetrolManual 51.800 cc
1.8 LS 2011/2014PetrolManual 51.800 cc
1.8 LTZ+ 2011/2014PetrolManual 51.800 cc
2.0D LT 2013/2014DieselManual 62.000 cc
2.0D LTZ 2011/2014DieselManual 62.000 cc
2.0D LTZ 2013/2014DieselManual 62.000 cc
2.0D LT 2011/2014DieselManual 62.000 cc
2.0D LTZ+ 2011/2014DieselManual 62.000 cc
2.0D LS 2011/2014DieselManual 62.000 cc
2.0D LTZ+ 2013/2014DieselManual 62.000 cc
2.0D LTZ+ 2013/2014DieselAutomatic 62.000 cc
2.0D LTZ+ 2011/2014DieselAutomatic 62.000 cc
2.0D LTZ 2013/2014DieselAutomatic 62.000 cc
2.0D LTZ 2011/2014DieselAutomatic 62.000 cc