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Ford Puma

1998 — 2002

Ford took the Puma into production in 1998. It was made as a 3-door Coupé. The Ford Puma was configurable with the following engines: The most economic Puma (the 1.4i 16V) came with a 1.4 90 bhp internal-combustion engine. The best performing version, the 1.7i 16V Century, had a 4-cylinder 1.7 engine delivering up to 125 bhp. The Ford Puma is no longer in production.

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Ford Puma 1998 — 2002

Ford Puma 1998 - 2002
1.4i 16V 1998/2000PetrolManual 51.400 cc
1.6i 16V 2000/2002PetrolManual 51.600 cc
1.7i 16V Century 1999/2000PetrolManual 51.700 cc
1.7i 16V 1997/2002PetrolManual 51.700 cc
1.7i 16V Sports Edition 2001/2002PetrolManual 51.700 cc