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Daimler V8

1997 — 2003

The V8 was a car produced by Daimler since the year 1997. It was made as a 4-door Luxury Saloon. The Daimler V8 was configurable with several engine configurations: The best affordable V8 (the LWB 4.0) was equipped with a 4 290 bhp engine. The best performing version, the Super LWB, had a supercharged 8-cylinder 4 combustion engine delivering up to 370 bhp. The Daimler V8 is no longer in production. Take a look at all versions of this car below:

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Daimler V8 1997 — 2003

Daimler V8 1997 - 2003
Daimler V8 Super LWB 1997/2003PetrolAutomatic 54.000 cc
Daimler V8 LWB 4.0 1997/2003PetrolAutomatic 54.000 cc